MOGUBOJ Adventure Team

MOGUBOJ Adventure Team

M.O.G.U.B.O.J. Adventure Team

What is MOGUBOJ? It’s an acronym for Men Of God Under Blood Of Jesus. This is our off-road ministry that strives to reach men in the off-road world that are searching for the answers to life!

Our mission is to bring God glory by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the off-road world, by teaching/preaching TREAD Lightly, and by encouraging/equipping the student driver! (we are all student drivers)

We believe that Jesus died for each of us so that we can have the adventure of true life! We plan trips to local trail systems for group rides as well as just go to off-road events for fellowship. You can stay in touch with what MOGUBOJ is doing by signing up for our text messages – just text “@mogub” to “81010”. We look forward to seeing you at our next event! Events will be posted on Calendar!

Weekend Camping and Training at U.O.R.T.C.

what is the gospel? Jesus came, Jesus died, Jesus was buried, Jesus came back to life, Jesus ascended into Heaven, and Jesus is coming back to take us home!

The Simple Gospel!

what is TREAD Lightly? it’s basically following 5 codes:
T – Travel Responsibly – stay on designated trails and know where you are going, go over & not around obstacles
R – Respect Rights of Others – others property, yield right of way, use trail etiquette
E – Educate Yourself – plan trip, use maps & regulations, know vehicle & equipment
A – Avoid Sensitive Areas – don’t disturb wetlands, stay off sensitive soils, protect wildlife & historical sites
D – Do Your Part – model appropriate responsible behavior, leave area better than found it, properly dispose of trash

Uwharrie Jeep Jamboree!

Little Trail Ride up Daniel – trail 390 at Uwharrie National Forest
Meet & Greet at Sonic Drive-In