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Events Calendar

September 2020

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Sep 25 – Nov 3, 2020

40 Day Fast

We have decided to fast and pray for 40 days for our next national election! As all of the elections are extremely important in how our country follows the Biblical principles that God sets before us; we believe that this election is pivotal in the overall direction of our country. SO, we invite you to put your prayers and belief where your mouth and stomach is. It is way passed time that God’s people fall on their face before our…
Sep 26, 2020

Lake Cooley Clean Team

We pick up trash along Hwy. 292 to increase awareness to our community of keeping it beautiful and to show respect to our God who has blessed us with this beautiful community!
Sep 26, 2020

Prayer March 2020

Franklin Graham is calling Christ followers to join him in Washington DC for a prayer march thru our nation’s capital and we would love to go! However, it just not possible for some of us so we have decided to join him right here at home. We invite you to join us under our big Cross in the prayer garden from 12 noon to 2 pm on Saturday, Sept. 26th! We will also have the Washington DC event live streaming…
Sep 27, 2020

Small Group Bible Study

We know that we all need each other and of course we need the Truth! So, every week our small groups meet to build our relationships with each other as well as build our relationship with our Father!
Sep 27, 2020

Gather For Worship

Come as you are but know that you may leave encouraged, challenged, blessed, loved, and a part of something that will change your life! If you can’t make it in person, feel free to join us live on our Facebook page or toon in later on our Youtube channel.
Sep 27, 2020

Unity Worship

We are so blessed to worship and pray with 5 other local body of believers every month on the 4th Sunday! Come and practice for Heaven with us as we just focus on the main thing: Love the Lord and Love your neighbor!
Sep 29, 2020

Food Pantry

Every Tuesday, we battle hunger in our community by giving food to the hungry!
Sep 30, 2020

Operation Church

A time of fellowship, prayer, self-reflection, and spiritual growth that all starts with a meal around the table with new friends! It’s really just learning the Bible in a way that we can apply it to our lives!
Oct 3, 2020

Transparent Men

This is an effort to unite men of faith in Jesus Christ regardless of religious background to strengthen the church in the Upstate! All men are welcome!
Oct 3, 2020

Family Game Night (& cookout)

We love to get together and play just for the sake of laughing and getting to know each other! We usually have many community members join us so we are inviting you and your family too. We will be paying games like cornhole, volleyball, kickball, probably have some board games on tables inside, and we will have a closest to the pin golf hole! Did I mention that we will be having a cookout too and that it is all…