Past Events (Page 3)

Past Events (Page 3)

Jul 25, 2020

Family Fun Fest

The family is the building block for the community, the country, and the world! We are so glad to announce our next Family Fun Fest on July 25th! It truly is all about the family so we are inviting families from all over our community to gather for a time of games with your family and of course there will be lots of food and it’s ALL FREE! It will just be a time that you get to be a…
Jul 6 – 10, 2020

Youth gone to camp

Our teens are heading to Truett Camp and Conference Center in Hayesville, N.C. from July 6th thru the 10th! Please pray for them as they grow physically, mentally, and spiritually while God test them on all levels. Don’t fell bad for them, because they will be spending their free time kayaking, mountain biking, zip-lining, playing paint ball, swimming in the pool, and white water rafting! I hope we can get them to come back home when the week is over!…
Jun 14, 2020

Lake Cooley Lake Day

Who says the church has to meet in a building? Who says we have to have that projector and screen? Who says we have to things the same every week? Well, no that matters. Join The Church at Lake Cooley as we worship at the lake, the Lake Cooley landing that is. We will begin with worship at 10:30am under the pavilion and follow with a community cook-out! We are leaving the building behind and gathering with the community. Hope…
Apr 11, 2020

Drive-In Resurrection Celebration

Not even the gates of hell can stop the resurrection of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Jesus has Risen and we are going to celebrate! Bring your family and come join us in your vehicle for a drive-in celebration! We will begin at 6:00 pm and we will have volunteers assisting you to get your car in a safe place where you can see and hear all that is going on. Jesus is alive and because He…
Mar 15 – 21, 2020

SPIHN Hosting Week

We are blessed to be hosting families involved in the SPIHN Ministry this week! See our Ministry Page for more information.
Mar 7, 2020

Adult autism

The adult autism group will meet in our Mission Center on Saturday, March 7th! If you know anyone that would benefit from this group, please share with them!
Mar 7, 2020

Spring forward

It is time to spring our clocks forward 1 hour. Let the sunrise spring forth!
Feb 16, 2020

Mortgage Burning

That’s right! God has paid off our last building and we are going to celebrate! Come celebrate with us as we worship with “2for1” music group and talk about the importance of the past as we focus on the future! Plus, we are all going to eat!
Jan 12, 2020

Pot-luck meal

Bring your covered dish as we dive into a time of fellowship around the table together. The way we see it, if you open the pot and find something you like – you got “lucky”! JK, we have some amazing cooks at Lake Cooley, come test me!
Jan 12, 2020

Joyful Sound

“Joyful Sound” will be joining us for Worship! You will want to bring someone to experience the amazing talent God has blessed these students with from North Greenville University! We will have a pot-luck luncheon after Worship!
Jan 1, 2020

New Year Prayer Service

All are invited and all are encouraged to start the 2020 year at the altar of the Almighty!